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Legal Name
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Dietary Restrictions
Breakfast and Lunch is provided for volunteers at camp. Please let us know if you have dietary restrictions so we can find delicious options for you!
Volunteers are provided with a free camp t shirt!
Emergency Contact
Emergency Contact
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Emergency Contact Phone
Have you ever been convicted of a felony and or sex crimes?
Do you consent to RCGOKC running a background check on you?
Please indicate your predicted availability during the week of JULY 15th-19th, 2019, between the hours of 8:30 AM- 5 PM. Please be as specific as possible about which times and dates you are available if you select "Other" *
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If you chose INSTRUMENT INSTRUCTOR please check all instruments that you would be willing to teach.
Remember most campers are beginners and each instrument will have multiple instructors. In some cases instructors that play several instruments will float between classes.
This will NOT effect your child's application status.
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Liability Release and Media Consent
I understand that attending camp will involve activities such as, but not limited to, a loud environment, self-defense, active group games, using electrical equipment and moving heavy equipment and objects. I fully accept and assume all such risks and all responsibility for losses, costs and damages that may incur as a result my participation in camp activities. I hereby hold Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls OKC, SixTwelve Inc. and Spark LLC (and it's board members) harmless for any liability and the above stated.
In case of emergency, accident, illness, or other incapacity occuring while under the Camp's authority, I give my permission to be treated by medical professionals and admitted to the hospital if necessary. This authorization applies whether or not the charges are covered by my insurance, and I am responsible for all reasonable medical and emergency expenses.
I authorize Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls staff/volunteers to take audio, video and photographic recordings of me. Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls OKC shall own all rights to recordings and photographs, to be used and disposed of at the discretion of Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls OKC.
Volunteer Stipend Application
Thank you for volunteering your time and skills to RCGOKC! The generosity of our volunteers is the bedrock of the camp’s success, and we are very grateful for your help. We have set aside a small amount of money to be given out as volunteer stipends to help defray some expenses and encourage participation. As you know, RCGOKC is a nonprofit organization with limited resources that relies heavily on donations and support from the community to operate. We ask that volunteers request a stipend only if not having one will directly affect their ability to participate in camp. Stipends will be granted based on 2 years minimum past RCGOKC experience AND at least 30 hours of volunteered time during the week of camp in 2019. This process is honor-based and confidential. ***Please note that absolutely no new stipend requests will be considered once camp has started.*** Thank you! Will you be applying for a stipend? *
Do you agree with this statement: "I understand and agree that my participation in Rock ’n’ Roll Camp for Girls OKC is entirely voluntary and without compensation, and that I am not an employee of the camp. I understand that the stipend is not a salary or a wage and it is only intended to defray some of the costs associated with volunteering my time at camp."