Hey lady!

Thanks for your interest in volunteering for Rock and Roll Camp for Girls OKC. We Will need a full roster of stellar ladies for our upcoming summer camp and our volunteer applications Will be live on 3/10! 

Thanks for applying to volunteer for RCGOKC! Camp wouldn't be possible without the dedication of our amazing volunteers.

Rock n’ Roll Camp for Girls OKC is strongly rooted in valuing female leadership and mentorship. We believe in giving girls as many chances as possible to see all kinds of self-identified women and girls in positions of leadership. For this reason, we prefer to place female-identified mentors in teaching, coaching, and managing positions.

 If you get accepted you will be in charge of a big part of camp, so please only apply if you can really dedicate time, energy and creativity! 

Here are mandatory week of camp meeting times.
Sunday, July 9th 1pm-6pm at SixTwelve (equipment drop off + set up + volunteer training)

Camp dates are July 10th-14th 9am-5pm (some volunteer roles are morning or afternoon only)

Showcase! Saturday July 15th 11am-4pm Venue TBA!


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Light breakfast, lunch and snacks for our awesome volunteers are donated each day by local businesses. Please let us know if you have any allergies or food preferences so we can provide food for everyone.
Please let us know if you are licensed, certified, or trained in any of the following
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Please check any and all of the jobs that you would be interested in and qualified for.
INSTRUMENT INSTRUCTOR- You will teach a small group who will vary in age and ability. (Most of our campers are beginners.) Work with other instructors to adapt to each camper’s skill level and needs. Instructors are often also band coaches, band managers, workshop leaders, or other support positions.
This is a morning only position. 9am-noon M-F
BAND COACH- Band coaches are mentors who have experience writing, practicing, performing, and possibly recording and touring original songs with their band.
Each band will gain a coach and a counselor during band formation Monday morning, these volunteer roles help facilitate the band formation process. You will help your band throughout the week with songwriting and teamwork. Must be available in the afternoons. Noon- 5pm Band Coaches are often also Instrument Instructors in the morning. If you are a musical person and available all day you can volunteer as an Instrument Instructor in the AM and Band Coach in the PM. Also… YOU ARE AWESOME!
BAND MANAGER- Requires no musical experience. You will work with a band coach in helping your band stay on track, making sure they are in the right place at the right time and being super encouraging and enthusiastic!
Must be available in the afternoons. Noon- 5pm
GEAR GURU- You will be in charge of setting up PAs and classrooms for lessons and band practice.
Must have technical experience and be available all of camp.
ROADIES/SUPPORT STAFF- No musical experience required. Help set up, clean up, move gear, help with workshops, make posters, etc.
Usually this one is combined with Band Managing. AM & PM Needed
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