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VOLUNTEER APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN NOW! Thank you in showing interest in volunteering for the best week of your life! Some of our volunteer positions require musical knowledge, but many do not. Additionally, volunteer jobs are either full time or part time and the application asks you to list your full availability during the week of camp so we can best place you in these positions. These details are all listed below next to each position title.

For a number of positions, particularly instructor positions, we have a strong preference for self-identified females.  Our goal in doing so is to provide strong female role models for the girls, and show them that girls rock!

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BAND COACH (M-F noon-5pm & Saturday Showcase 10am-3pm)

Musical Experience Necessary

Band Coaches are female mentors who have experience writing, practicing, performing, and possibly recording and touring original song with their band(s). Band Coaches will be assigned to one band and in most cases, each band will have a Band Coach and a Band Manager who work together to help campers write a song and prepare for the Showcase. Band Coaches are often Instrument Instructors in the AM if the volunteer is available all day.


BAND MANAGER (M-F noon-5pm & Saturday Showcase 10am-3pm)

NO Musical Experience Necessary

Band Managers are female mentors who are ready to serve the mission of the organization by bringing it to life for the campers throughout the entire day. You and the assigned Band Coach are the primary and direct mentors for your band all week. Main tasks include: positive role modeling, creating a supportive and cohesive band environment, being a source of continuity, and moving campers through schedules daily activities in a timely manner. The safety and well-being of each camper is also a priority of the Camp Counselor throughout the day.



Musical Experience Necessary

Instructors are female mentors responsible for teaching their assigned instrument to their students, who will vary in age and ability. The main goal of instruction is to meet each camper at their skill level, help them learn new skills, contribute to their band’s song and prepare them for the showcase. Instructors are encouraged to share from their experience in music and performance. Instrument Instructors will ideally co-create a curriculum that reflects their skill sets and will be most effective for the students.


DRAMA TRAUMA (M-F 9am-5pm)

NO Musical Experience Necessary

On-site counselors to assist with any conflict resolution at camp. The goal is to have a non-biased staff member available to help move through potential challenges using non-violent communication.


WORKSHOP LEADER (Either 9am-noon or 1pm-4:30pm)

 NO Musical Experience Necessary

Each of our workshops values developing life skills and self-esteem, as well as encouraging creativity, self-expression, and awareness. Each workshop is delivered 2 times over a 1 or 2 day period to groups of 15-25 campers loosely divided by age. This is a great supplemental position for instrument instructors who would like to stay at camp through the afternoon. Here are some examples of workshops that have been taught at other rock camps: Zine writing and production, History of Women in Rock, Self-Defense, Image and Identity, Songwriting, Teen Issues, Recording Your Band, Production and Gear Care and Band T-Shirt Screen Printing.


ROADIE/CAMP SUPPORT CREW (full time or part time)

NO Musical Experience Necessary

Throughout the week, support staff will help with daily morning setup, front desk duties, camper check in/out, moving gear, workshop support, monitoring visitors, serving lunch to volunteers, merchandise sales, volunteer break room maintenance, picking up donations, camper lunch supervision/presence, general clean up (including sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, taking out trash, bathroom cleanup), showcase assistance, and other tasks that help us all have a great day at Summer Camp!


LUNCHTIME BAND! (11:30am-1pm) lunch + small stipend available

Everyday at lunch time we have an awesome band play for the campers! We request that the band is at least 50% female and we love all styles of music to be played at lunch. 20 minute set followed by a short Q&A.

Rock Camp is the busiest, craziest, loudest, bestest week of my life!
— 4 time RCGOKC Volunteer
Punk Rock Yoga!

Punk Rock Yoga!